Tuna needs to be sustainably managed due to high demand


WITH the high demand for tuna globally, the resource need sto be sustainably managed, says Supervising Minister to Fisheries and Marine Resources, Frederick Kologeto.

“Today, with the high demand for tuna globally, the resources need to be sustainably managed. This is important as our country makes a lot of revenue front his resources and because of this resource, many of our people can be employed and this is evident to the fishing and processing sector.

“Many of our people can be fed and many of our people can earn a living. Tuna indeed is a source of food and livelihood to our many coastal communities,” Kologeto said.

He said the responsibility to manage this resource in a sustainable manner is entirely on everybody.

“We are all in this together. As stakeholders to this important resource, let us align our commitments towards ensuring sustainability of our tuna stocks. Let us all work together to achieve this.

“As the Minister responsible for fisheries, I am delighted to see the current development and sustainability management of our tuna resources. My ministry is always working in collaboration with our other stakeholders to ensure all Solomon Islanders receives maximum economic and social benefits from our tuna resources. This is through a cordial partnership with Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) and Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) countries.”

The above statement was echoed yesterday at the World Tuna Day celebration in Honiara.

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