MFMR ensures SI benefits from tuna

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MINISTRY of Fisheries and Marine Resources is working closely with its stakeholders to ensure all Solomon Islanders receives economic and social benefits from tuna resources.

According to Minister for responsible for MFMR Frederick Kologeto said this will work out through a cordial partnership with Forum Fisheries Agency and Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) countries to enable the county to achieve the following.

“Creation of job opportunities for our people. In this regard, we will continue to progress the development of Bina Harbour Onshore Processing project, support infrastructure developments-through new investments for onshore facilities. Again, Bina project is the one we are pursuing,” Kologeto said.

He said also to support the PNA Vessel Day scheme for both Purse seine and longline fisheries.

“To review of our legislations and legal framework to accommodate the recent changes within the tuna fisheries are promoted towards Sustainable Tuna Fisheries and promote Tuna as our proceed national Asset and this is where we want to drive our Tuna in the future.”