TSI praises IMF statement on anti-corruption law

TRANSPARENCY Solomon Islands (TSI) has publicly applauded the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in cautioning the national government on issues of national interest and concern on the Anti- Corruption Act, an act when enforced will deal with corruption, corrupt conduct and practices in public sector, the private sector and civil society.

TSI executive officer says, “The passage of the ACB is timely and has been critical for the country for a number of years.

“Forty years on corruption is widespread in the public sector and it has been far too long for this country not to have a robust legislation to roll back and eliminate corruption at all levels.”

TSI says corruption is an issue that impacts on all aspects of Solomon Islanders society inhibiting development, discouraging genuine investors and damaging public morale.

There is no denying that corruption is rife in Solomon Islands and has dangerously hindered the country’s political and economic development.

“It has diminished public resources for public programs, service delivery, and undermined the reputation of government eroding societal values of integrity and honesty.

“TSI adds its voice to IMF Team leader Alison Stuart’s call for a greater transparency of CDFs that would improve accountability to improve services in the rural areas,” TSI said

TSI calls on other Financial Institutions and development partners to call for transparency in areas that IMF has raised concern about.

Whilst TSI appreciates the help given by development partners, it also recognises that these has been used by political leaders to assure people about service delivery and turn people’s attention away from the millions that are not accounted for, millions of tax-payers monies.

With regard to the legislative instruments to curb corruption, TSI truly applauds Matthew Wale (MP for Aoke-Langalanga) for his tireless effort in being the people’s voice in the debate of the Anti-Corruption Bill and now the Whistle-blowers Bill.

The position of the Member of Parliament is a public post and one that is there to be a voice for their constituencies.

In this instance only a few a truly reflecting that in the highest decision-making body of Solomon Islands.


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