IMF commends government on ACB passage


IMF team leader Ms Alison Stuart (RIGHT)

THE International Monetary Fund (IMF) has commended the government for passing the country’s Anti-Corruption Bill (ACB) 2017.

The government, led by Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela, passed its long-awaited bill last Wednesday.

The commendation from IMF comes from the leader of an IMF team that has been in the country holding discussions on the 2018 Article IV Consultation.

IMF team leader, Ms Alison Stuart described the passage of the bill as a “positive step forward”.

“The government’s focus on anti-corruption and the passage of the Anti-Corruption Bill is a positive step. Staff strongly supported the authorities’ intent to move forward with resolute and effective implementation of the bill,” Stuart.

She said the other bill the government needs to pass is the Whistle-Blower Bill (WBB). This bill has just been passed in parliament yesterday.

Stuart said robust and effective policies are also important to sectors that are providing revenue for the government.

She said enforcement of policies and transparencies are critical to the sustainability of these sectors.

The bill includes provisions for the establishment of an Independent Commission against corruption.

According to Prime Minister Hou, the bill will target both the public and private sectors- including the churches.

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