Truth about our strike

DEAR EDITOR, I respond to paper why we SINU student strike on April 4, 2018 only.

First of all thanks to other ignorant & important people who also comment into the paper or social media about our SINUSA Strike while sitting on your comfortable chairs?

When we face situation that affect our study, we cannot ignore it? While we paid our fees and receive poor service, poor learning result in incompetence.

14 day notice of strike on March 21.

In between, a meeting was called by SINU management at Pavilion which Pro-Vice Chancellor Donald Malasa was absent.

Agreement on special committee from SINU and student was agreed.

The committee sit and agree on 4 recommendation which then send to VC office to act on.

On Wednesday April 4, 2018 after our 14 day notice of strike lapse and SINU doesn’t respond to the recommendation we go into strike.

On the afternoon of the day, Police commission ask as to calm down and let the matter to them.

On April 5, 2018 Mr President Reginald Ngati announce to us to go back to our normal classes due to the fact that the matter is on police Commission.

On the same day Vice chancellor (acting) write to the police commission for a possible arrest to our leaders despite on that the police seen that matter should be sorted out.

On April 6, 2018 Police commissioner summoned our student leader delegation with SINU vice chancellor team to resolve matter however SINU vice Chancellor and his team fail to turn up.

Nevertheless we strike because of the following reason.

  1. a) Mr Reginald Ngati leadership aware us about SINUSA and its important function.

Now that our Brains are open It is evident that SINU Pro-Vice chancellor (corporate) fails to address our welfare.

Since SINU increases its intake 2016, 2017, 2018 the demands for student welfare at SINU also increase. i.e.

  1. Extra classes or night classes till 9pm
  2. Improvement on hostel facilities like study desk, wardrobe, chest drawers, tables, chairs, fans, mattress, pillows and curtains.
  3. IT services-Increase Wi-Fi or internet access
  4. Students ablution blocks
  5. Printing , typing & photocopy Services
  6. Water tanks for drinking
  7. Affordable prices on canteens & cafeteria at SINU
  8. Safety & security at night.
  9. SINUSA under the sponsor ship of BICS, SINUSA Office must beside BICS office – this means SINUSA Office must be establish at Panatina campus.
  10. According to Student Code of Conduct page 23. food service & catering

Philosophy of food service department is to promote good health and diet by providing meals that are simple and nutritious while the Aim is to provide a clean and comfortable environment for eating.

Sadly this is with limited effect. Breakfast, lunch & dinner is bread & tea. Rice ++, beef, chicken, sausage, mince, BBQ fish without fruits and vegetables. (Is this a balance diet? If no then how can we achieve our philosophy?) Student are digging their grave with this type of food.

Environment especially with increasing intake kitchen facilities for student usage e.g. sinks, soaps, and towels etc. no proper waste disposal.

These are but the important welfare each day on campus.

While we here to study we deserve the right to access these facilities & proper service that will promote better learning outcomes for us.

We are here to study and to earn as much as we could now and not tomorrow least Donald Malasa forget.

While we understand that SINU is on transitional period we SINUSA otherwise need one step further on our welfare?

Hence, Don’t blame us student for our miss behave but rather blame yourself or staff for not act upon student code of conduct & halls of residence.

Pick up on student fault to damage of property is a lame excuse of not to address student welfare.

Exercising disciplinary measure should be the best option. Otherwise we student should not be victims on past student behavior/attitude.

Not only that: we strike because we have pending issue which disrupted by Pro-Vice chancellor to nullify our Executive (student Body) that carry forward our pending issue.

Like 2017 Refunds for us SIG student not accessing accommodation and meals on campus due to SINU limited space.

SIG allowance, Student refund at SINU as of 2016 to 2017. SINU open day never happen since 2016, 2017. Etc.

Furthermore we strike because Donald Malasa (Pro-vice chancellor-co-operate) and its lawyer fails to respond to two correspondent that was handed on Feb 24 and 27, 2018 seeking explanation as to what part of SINU act & SINUSA constitution 2013 gives Pro-vice chancellor (corporate) powers to declared SINUSA election Null and void after listening to petitioner ie Ms Farlai F who was the first candidate to breach the constitution for having 9 Nominees.

Also in regards to this Donald Malasa fail to consider this as well as quoted different section of the SINUSA constitution 2013.

According to SINUSA constitution

  1. Membership of SINUSA is student who have duly registered whether full time or part time and have paid their membership fee of $50.

This means All SIG sponsored student have duly registered as of 2017.

  1. Student council is responsible for the implementation of SINUSA constitution and to ensure executive committee exercise its powers and responsibilities specified under SINUSA constitution. Not Pro- Vice Chancellor (Corporate)
  2. Conduct of election- the pro-Vice chancellor (corporate) shall appoint a returning officer for the purpose of conducting election for the student executive Committee. SINUSA election procedure are outline in SINUSA constitution 2013.
  3. Once Returning officer has declared the result it is conclusive.

Which means Pro-vice chancellor has no powers under SINUSA constitution 2013 to reconsider SINUSA election or appoint special selected committee to nullify the election.

Therefore we strike because we want our association back, enough of Pro Vice chancellor (Co-operate) hold on our Association for three solid years while our welfare remain least priority to SINU.

Let we run our association enough of tampering into our association.

Our presence in front of the gates is to verbally remind our day school student about the strike. We have the right to speak for grieves (welfare) that buried in our hearts for quite a while.

The choice is ours if the association have its constitution to run by; why SINU Vice chancellor office force us to break it through Bae election which is not stated on the constitution.

Thank you Reginald Ngati and your executive and student council for take a stand and bold for our Association constitutions 2013.

Together we the signatory stands with you.

While Solomon islands national university reserve the right to take disciplinary action against student who are accused of violating local, provincial, government laws or university policy, rules and procedure.

It is best not to neglect others rules it will not make any good for the student (injustice), University and the community.

All regulation is to be carried out fully and not partly.

On April 9, 2018 our student leader receive a termination letter by the SINUDC quoted on Student code of conduct. 1.9. “Inciting a boycott” riot or intimidation of other students regarding the boycott”.

Reginald Ngati and his executive and student council didn’t force us student to boycott our classes or we student into riot, harm to individual, student, staff or property etc.

Nobody is frightening students into strike but we knew that is our right before we go into strike (sitting protest).

Immediate dismissal of our student leaders is not accepted for us student.

There are a lot of offence previously done in this university which also can result in immediate dismissal eg.

  1. Use of Alcohol by student on campus
  2. Stealing/theft in hostel by student
  3. Possession of lethal weapon by student.
  4. Threatening behaviors
  5. Plagiarism of Assignments.
  6. incident that brings Disrepute to SINU
  7. Unauthorized presence in the dormitory
  8. Vandalism or willful damage of institutional property
  9. Misuse of internet
  10. Persistent refusal to adhere to the rules and regulation outlined in student handbook.
  11. Commercial activities. E.g. selling of betel-nut and cigarette in leaf hats and canteen.
  12. All night absence from residence hall without proper authorization.
  13. Violation of University regulation.

When these offence still becomes an issue hanging in front of your eyes, you decided not to take action but when we student demands our rights, VC office decide to put SINU laws into action.

Who will listen to our request and feeling despite we have exhaust all means and ways to dialogue SINU responsible department. Rather when we are frustrated with our demands, you decide to caught us on Student Code of Conduct etc. while despise other offence that has been committed in front of your eyes.

Eg. According to student code of conduct page 16. SINU is zero tolerance to consumption of alcohol or drug free policy and to promote both wellbeing of student and academic excellence.

“Violation of this policy will result in automatic suspension from the university. Despite student violate this policy nothing happen.

Security officer at SINU should focus on reviewing your job description and roles in maintaining these regulation enforce rather than involve in student matters.

On this note my good readers: We only demands our right to be educated well to serve this country well because Our future responsibility at our work place, community depends entirely on what we learn here at SINU. SINU leaders you know what is right do what is right.

Government leaders we are the future for this nation it is time to put a right people in SINU so that Government Institution can develop to promote excellent human resources for the nation.

Concerned student


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