Business students support strike


STUDENTS of SINU’s business school have thrown their support for the ongoing strike at the institution, spearheaded by the student association SINUSA.

SINU students under School of Business and Management explained they are with SINUSA for the strike because they believe the association is the legal body for students and that the university has not been addressing student welfare issues.

They support SINUSA President Mr Reginald Ngati and his executive for their leadership which they say has opened their eyes to the importance of SINUSA and its constitution.

A representative student said, “Mr Reginald Ngati leadership aware us about SINUSA and its important function.

“Now that our Brains are open it is evident that SINU Pro-Vice chancellor (co-operate) fails to address our welfare.”

The student said since SINU increased its intake in 2016, demands for student welfare at SINU has also increased.

Such matter touches SINUSA’s heart which they propose for strike calling for extra classes or night classes till 9pm and improvement on hostel facilities such as study desk, wardrobe, chest drawers, tables, chairs, fans, mattress, pillows and curtains.

The strike also target areas include water tanks for drinking, affordable prices on canteens and cafeteria at SINU and safety and security at night.

According to Student Code of Conduct page 23, Philosophy of food service department is to promote good health and diet by providing meals that are simple and nutritious while the aim is to provide a clean and comfortable environment for eating, students explained.

However, attention has not paid much on this philosophy which imposed unfriendly environment to students and the University, they said.

“Therefore we strike because we want our association back, enough of Pro Vice chancellor (Co-operate) hold on our Association for three solid years while our welfare remain least priority to SINU.”

The choice is ours if the association has its constitution to run by; why SINU Vice chancellor office forces us to break it through By-election which is not stated on the constitution.

“Thank you Mr Ngati and your executive and student council for take a stand and bold for our Association constitutions 2013, together we the signatory stands with you,” the student said.

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