Tribute game to late John Whitley

Donald Bennett giving his speech before match kickoff
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REAL Kakamora FC won a tribute game on Saturday held in honour of the late John Whitley, a prominent figure from Roviana, Western province.

Held at Dunde, the game was played with the tough and determined Central Roviana FC. It was part of the Real Kakamora match line-up for its current Noro tour.

Speaking to Island Sun yesterday, Team Manager for Real Kakamora Mr Robert Chow said it was a significant game because the late Mr Whitley used to play for Kakamora.

Late Whitley then went on to coach the country’s national team, and later became an executive for the Makira Football Association. At his passing in 2016 he was hailed as a soccer legend and leader by the country’s soccer federation.

Chow said Saturday’s game was an emotional moment and both teams gave all they had in respect of the tribute. Real Kakamora FC came out 3-1 winners.

Other prominent names in football from the Roviana Munda region who used to play for Kakamora include Mr Donald Bennett and Mr Nelson Boso.

Bennett was present field-side and gave a powerful speech before match kickoff on Saturday.

“It was an honour to have Mr Bennett grace the game on Saturday. The MP was also field side too in support. The community here too turned up in support of their side. It was a great game,” Chow said.