Transport service sit-in causes huge public inconvenience

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THE Honiara public transport services closed down due to the staged sit-in protest yesterday had caused huge public inconvenience for the general public in Honiara.

Public and private sectors’ officers and school students plus the whole general public faced an experience of a lifetime in the history of Solomon Islands having no public transport to service them.

The staged sit-in protest by public transport business owners caused people to walk distances wearily while lucky ones received pick-ups from family members and friends to reach their destinations slowing arrival timings everywhere.

There is disappointing call now from the general public for the government to always set their laws fair in the country to avoid such situations that would only cause inconvenience for everyone as experienced.

“What we experienced today [yesterday] is totally not acceptable. The government must always be fair with their law makings too over which what happened today is a warning for them of what might come in the future if they continue to only implement laws suiting themselves,” said members of the general public to Island Sun.

With a bold move for consultations by the public transport associations and their Committee over the government’s recent said high-charge on yearly tax returns for public transport businesses enforced, an agreement has been made between the Inland Revenue Development (IRD) and public transport associations Committee to lesser the amount of tax charged seeing public transport services now resuming since yesterday late in the evening.

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