No MP has reported anything: Police Commissioner

PC Mathew Varley
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POLICE Commissioner Matthew Varley has rebutted allegations that some members of Parliament (MPs) have claimed certain police officials have accepted bribes from MPs.

And, Mr Varley adds that apart from these rumoured allegations, not a single MP has approached him with any report of officers engaged in taking bribes.

Varley then reiterates that without evidence, police cannot investigate any reported allegation.

He made the comment following numerous reports made in the media that investigators were bribed or solicited by members of Parliament to do away with cases.

“So here is my point, if any Member of Parliament wishes to make contact with me and provide any signed witness statement alleging corruption in the police force and is willing to name officers and provide me with that evidence then I welcome them to contact my office directly and I will personally arranged for their witness statements to be taken.

“But let me be very clear, I can’t investigate rumour, I can’t investigate unnamed sources, can’t investigate rumour and speculations but give me the evidence and signed witness statements.

“Let’s not run conspiracy series in newspapers based on insiders or unnamed sources or anonymous complaints because otherwise it just becomes rumour and quite frankly it is disrespectful to the good hardworking men and women of the Police Force and overwhelmed majority of the police officers in this country who turned up to work every day to do the right thing by this uniform,” Varley said.

He said when there is any allegation of corruption inside the police force; he is willing to investigate it as have proven before.

“I continue to deal with case of misconduct in the Police Force and I continue to deal with cases on a day to day basis where people faced discipline matters, we have police officers in jail, we have police officers that have been convicted by the court and I have dismissed numerous police officers from the Police Force in the past 18 months as Commissioner since I have taken office,” Varley said.

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