Training coincides with M4C programme in Auki

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    TRAINING was also provided along with the “Auki market business fair” that is currently happening in Auki.

    There are two trainings provided; one from SISBEC on business and the other is provided by a group from Fiji on ‘food inspire’.

    Team Leader Inclusive Growth under UNDP, Ms Ednah Ramoau said the training was part of the M4C programme and provided to markets vendors.

    She said under SISBEC, training was provided to encourage or strengthen market vendors on how they could come up strong with their small businesses.

    Ramoau said the training looked at giving some basic insights of business to the vendors to help them with the business.

    She added that another training was on food inspired which looked largely on value adding on vegetables and fruits.

    Ramoau said sometimes fruits or vegetables just drawn away without known how useful they are if they properly cook or process.

    She said training was to show to the vendors some basic processing of fruits to meet the consumption need of their family and also for market.

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