Auki market business fair

Participants attending the food inspired training yesterday at Rarasu motel in Auki.
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Participants attending the food inspired training yesterday at Rarasu motel in Auki.

TWO days interface of stakeholders under the “Auki market business fair” will end today in Auki.

The programme came under Markets for Change (M4C) project aimed at gathering financial institutions, agricultural institutions and social services to provide information sharing to vendors.

Team Leader Inclusive Growth under UNDP, Ms Ednah Ramoau said the purpose was that market vendors normally don’t access the information due to tight schedule with their market/business.

She said the vendors spend most of their time at the market. From garden to the market to do their sell and back to their homes.

Ramoau said with this they always not accessing information from service providers in the community which is important for them.

“So this Auki market business fair is providing an avenue where market vendors can hear information from other stakeholders on their activities.

“The importance of the information sharing was that it give them idea and way to pursue these stakeholders when need arises to them,” she said.

Ramoau said numbers of stakeholders now giving information to the vendors and they expect to continue tomorrow (today) and other stakeholders also encourage.

She said the programme also roll out in Honiara, Auki and Gizo, saying the programme is a regional one where it also rolls out in other countries in the region.

Ramoau said M4C programme was implemented by UN Women, but they offered it to UNDP to implement the outcome two of the programme.

She said the programme is funded by Australian Government and Canadian Government.

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