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Truths creeping out as no-confidence motion winners turn on each other


MEMBERS of Parliament who had moved the no-confidence motion did so with their own agendas and pre-determined portfolio holders for a new government, it is revealed.

Instead of celebrating in solidarity, the movers of the successful motion of no confidence against former prime minister Manasseh Sogavare are embroiled in an internal battle for power.

Speaking to Island Sun last night, a source close to the affair says the group which had defected from the Democratic Coalition for Change (DCC) government, colluded with the Independence group and had set their agenda before teaming up with the Official Opposition group.

They had already earmarked their own members to the top positions, a move which did not go down well with members of the Official Opposition.

As a result, seven MPs from the Democratic Alliance (DAP) and Solomon Islands People’s First parties moved to the Heritage Park Hotel camp and joined the DCC government.

The source says the key players behind the motion wanted the top positions in a new government – the prime ministership (PM), its deputy (DPM), finance (MOFT), and development planning and aid coordination (MDPAC).

The source stresses that the reasons tabled in parliament during the motion’s debate were all a front concealing the real intentions for the motion.

“They already allocated the portfolios before they team-up and move the motion of no confidence and when they won, they want to push for their agendas not knowing that such simple mistake will break-up the opposition camp.

“This the reason where some of us have to jump to the other side of the house because we realise that something is wrong,” the source said.

The source furthers that the truth behind the motion will be revealed in the coming days, which should be interesting for public to make their own judgement from.

“It’s a democracy system of the country but leaders must do the right thing making good decision, but in this case we hardly distinguish the motive behind the motion and the interest of transforming the country’s development aspiration,” source said.

The source strongly emphasised that leaders should be reminded that they are elected to the post to represent the welfare and development of the country and not their own interest.

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