Togamana praises Burns Creek community leaders

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MINISTER of Health and Medical Services Dr Culwick Togamana has praised community leaders in Burnscreek, East Honiara for paving the way for a new medical facility.

The Solomon International Assistance Force with support from Australian government and various businesses houses and youths helped construct the new clinic.

Speaking at the occasion to open the clinic last Friday with the presence of Australia’s Foreign Minister, Penny Wong, Minister Togamana said the nature of community does not diminish the need to have access to good health care.

“I want to say the failure of the national government to intervene.

“Let me take the opportunity to thank Australian government, Australian led force, leaders in community and businesses houses leaders to put resources together to build this very important facility,” he said.

“It is important for us to recognise that any outbreak or any illness that start here will spread to town.

“Therefore, to have this facility here, it brings this very important services to our people.”

Togamana said when we have a highly populated settlement especially in Burnscreek, this facility will really serve those that are really vulnerable and marginalized.

He said the onus is on Ministry of Health to resource this very important facility.

Furthermore, Senator Wong brought greetings not only just from the Australian government but the people of Australia.

“We think of you as family and we hope you think of us as family.

“As family we try to look after each other and care for each other,” she told the Burnscreek community.

“We care for your security, your prosperity and your health, umi together,” she added.

“I know how important to your family and Burnscreek.

“I know what parents here and grandparents want the same thing as Australian parents and grandparents want. You want your children to have the best chance in life.

“We will do bit by continuing to support your schools and your teachers.

“And I also know how important for the people to have jobs and a better future.

“And we will keep working with you on a strong business development programme,” she added.

Burnscreek accommodates a mixture of people in the community dominated by Malaitans.