Malaita returns to covid-19 free

Kiluufi hospital
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MALAITA Province reclaimed its covid-19 free status last week.

Chairman of Malaita EOC, Dr Rex Maukera told this paper over the weekend that as of last week, the province is covid-19 free based on reports from health centres across the province.

He said since the reverse of the covid-19 trend for the province, cases were reported in a very minimal score compared to the past months.

Maukera, also the provincial health director for Malaita said an improvement was experienced since last month on covid-19 for the province.

He said the situation was measured upon report based on RAT testing carried out by health centres across the province.

“We continue to carry out testing at Kilu’ufi hospital and other health centres and as of last week there is no covid-19 case for the province,” Maukera said.

However, he cautions people in Malaita to continue being wary of the virus, and to continue with safety measures such as wearing of facemasks in public, maintain social distancing, and use of hand sanitisers.

Maukera said the country is still facing active covid-19 community transmission and people must continue to practise covid-19 safety measures.

He also said that vaccines; AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and booster are administered at Auki and those yet to get their jab are urged to do so.

Maukera said Malaita EOC will continue to provide covid-19 updates to people in the province as they continue to monitor it as well as update on vaccination.