Measles vaccine
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Increase in measles, rubella  and monkey pox is a threat


THE increasing number of measles, rubella and monkeypox in the Pacific region is posing a threat to Solomon Islands

This was echoed by the Technical Advisor of the Ministry of Health and Medical Services Dr Yogesh Choudhri in a radio talkback show yesterday on the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation  

“In terms of other threats that are ongoing in Pacific we are seeing cases of measles and rubella being reported in Fiji. So they are trying to control the outbreak within their countries.

“And in Hawaii and Australia we are seeing increasing number of cases of monkey pox. Australia has actually double the number of cases of monkey pox in the last 10 days,” Choudhri said.

On the country’s vaccination progress, he said it has reached 70 percent.

“Vaccination for 18 years and above we have reached level of 70 percent. That means 70 percent of people in Solomon Islands have at least received one dose of the vaccine.”

He adds, 52 percent little bit more than half of the population have already received their two doses of the vaccine and 18 percent have received at least one dose.

“We request remaining people who have taken one dose to come for their second dose and the people who have not taken their vaccine to come start taking the vaccine,” Choudhri said.

He said in the age group of 12 to 17 years the progress has been faster than what they saw in 18 plus years age group.

“We have vaccinated 41 percent of eligible population and 12 to 17 years aged group with at least one dose.29 percent of this age group people have complete their two doses of covid-19 vaccination and 12 percent have taken one dose,” Choudhri said.