Threat from logging evident in SI forest

By Ezekiel Talatau

 IMPACTS of forest loss on community and ecosystem in some of our provinces in SI divulge a significant threat to our wildlife ecosystem.

University of Queensland wildlife conservation society research team (WCS) have stated that Solomon Islands has been found to increase land clearing for logging. Even if the best manageable practice is in place, the country has already experienced unsustainable levels of soil erosion, and significant impacts of downstream water quality.

WCS added that these impacts will compromise the integrity of the lands for future agriculture uses, interrupt access to clean drinking water and degrade important downstream ecosystems.

Impacts of Logging does not only affects our forest but it also affects animals living within the forest.

Dr Christopher Fillardi of the American Museum of Natural History has also exposed that the poorly managed logging operation has a clue to an extinction of a population of birds. He added that, for 20 years, they have search for a bird which he describe as a Ghost bird (Moustached Kingfisher). A rare species found in Solomon Islands only.

He added that increased logging could result in the decline of this species.

A concerned citizen also reveal that logging in Isabel province (Medoru) has influence in extinction of one of the unique mangrove shells that was used for red money and the nearby communities are struggling to find mud crabs.

The permanent secretary of forestry and research has also declared that Solomon Islands forest ecosystem has suffered from the massive harvest.

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