Solomon Islands slowly sinking: study


RECENT published studies from Australia says that five islands in the Solomon Islands are dropping below the ocean surface and some others are severely eroded.

The researchers carried out the study based on monitoring system using satellite and aerial images of 33 islands made from 1947 to 2014 and drew additional accounts by local residents.

The five islands that had vanished were all vegetated reed islands of noteworthy sizes and were uninhabited, but subject to occasional use by fisherman, the study reveal.

Between 2011 and 2014, 10 houses were swept in to the sea on one of the six reef islands that have undergone severe erosion damage from the rising sea – result from global warming.

In addition, the receding shorelines of two sides had forced communities that had existed since 1935 to relocate, the researcher said.

Sea level rise has risen three times than the global average, making the islands an ideal place to study such phenomena.

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