They were KOSSA players

By Taromane Martin

THE three Real Kakamora FC players who were asked by the Telekom Soccer League competition manager to leave the field before their match with Henderson Eels FC were registered KOSSA Honiara Football Association players.

The explanation comes following last Saturday’s incident which left Real Kakamora FC Head Coach Sam Wa’aria furious after his side lost 8-1 to Eels.

“What we were very disappointed was the last minute disqualification of some of our key players by the organisers of the competition during our warm up,” he told SunSPORTS.

“Their actions really affected our preparations because we were caught by surprise. Our loss came as no surprise because we were already mentally defeated by the organisers before the whistle blew.

“I think this was some sort of strategies by people to disadvantage other teams and it affected us all mentally for the match,” he said.

However, the organisers explained that the club had failed to finalize the three players transfer documents to the TSL Board before the closure of the HFA and TSL transfer window last month.

“At the close of the transfer window for the new season these three players remained registered KOSSA players because Real Kakamora FC failed to finalize their transfer documents,” organisers said.

“The transfer window was made possible by HFA to allow HFA registered players to transfer to TSL and HFA teams for those moving out of the HFA league into the TSL.

“But since moving to Real Kakamora these three players had infringed HFA regulations and TSL because at the close of the transfer window they failed to finalize their moves resulting in the situation,” they said.

However a statement from an official within the club said as far as they know there are no regulations between these two competitions.

“As far as we know TSL and HFA are two different competitions therefore there are no regulations between these two comps.

“If this is what Kossa stands on then might as well cancel the TSL Comp because it will also affect all the other clubs.

“The only rule that is known is that as long as a player from HFA joins a TSL club, they cannot ever go back and play in the HFA. Something needs to be corrected,” he said.

Meanwhile HFA President Baddley Alaha , on July 23 to July 27 last month had opened a transfer window for registered HFA players who wish to transfer to TSL clubs for the new season of the completion.

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