The Black Sistaz to tour Solomon Islands

By Gary Hatigeva

AUSTRALIAN-based band of West Papua, the Black Sistaz have been confirmed to tour Solomon Islands in the middle of this year in an effort to help local organisers raise funds for victims of the natural disasters that struck parts of Papua New Guinea and in Fiji recently.

Concert organiser and promoter, and Managing Director of Treasure Islands Promotion, Henry Star Dora in an interview, explained that the intentions for inviting the band is to stage the Public Concert to raise funds towards the Earthquake Victims of PNG and Fiji, while at the same time encourage local music and musicians.

Star Dora further explained that it is important local musicians remember those in the affected regions because in our lowest in similar circumstances, their musicians also did the same for this country.

“Only that this time, we will be doing things with the help of international stars, especially with the likes of the Black Sistaz whose fan base in the country has grown enormously amongst our young people.

“The girl-band’s tour to Solomon Islands should also be a good motivator and empowerment for our young and talented women musicians to push boundaries if they want to peruse music as a career.

“If these girls can make it, why can’t we? This should be the question and motivation that arise in the minds of our girls involved in the local music industry,” the promoter stressed.

According to organisers, the venue is still to be confirmed, but are highly considering the Rugby Stadium at Town Grown, which they suggested as the most suitable venue to host both public shows.

Organisers added that confirmation on specific details regarding the event and venue will be released in the coming days, but emphasised that fans and the general public should start making pre-arrangements and plans for the concert.

Meanwhile, Star Dora called on local bands that are willing to participate in appeal Music Concerts, to contact him through 7582666/8760277 or email: [email protected]

He however revealed that they are also looking for what he described as, genuine partnership and companies in the hosting of this famous band here in Honiara.

“Upon your consideration and approval prior to our negotiations, a memorandum of understanding and agreement will be drawn up to further seal our undertakings,” Star Dora explained in his appeal.

The fascinating and Australian, (Melbourne) based popular musical sensation according to organisers will be touring on June 25 to July 2, 2018.

Influenced by the Legendary West Papuan band, The Black Brothers, whom their late Father was a lead singer and guitarist, this is the very core of who The Black Sistaz is today.

The Black Sistaz, Born into a movement, Lea, Rosa and Petra Rumwaropen, three West Papuan singers with a powerful message, standing strong for a FREE WEST PAPUA.

Upbeat Island Reggae and Soul meets traditional sounds, language and sweet harmony, the group arrived as one of the first West Papuan refugee families, and the now Australian based group musically communicates the journey of living a life in exile.

A celebration of identity, with a strong legacy to continue, their music comes a message, and with their message comes a movement.

The Black Sistaz band consist of three (3) female and five (5) male, mostly of very famous former Black Brothers, a total of 8 members.

This band has made a number of records with some other international music sensations including the Big Mountain Band and Pacific’s very own, George Telek.

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