Carry on the true meaning of reconciliation: MPA Fini

MPA for Ward (3) Three, Buma, Hon Martin Gaotee Fini.
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MPA for Ward (3) Three, Buma, Hon Martin Gaotee Fini.

MEMBER of the Provincial Assembly for Ward-three (Buma) has called upon the tribes and people of Buma to carry on the true meaning of reconciliation.

Speaking during a reconciliation ceremony over the weekend, Hon Martin Gaotee Fini said reconciliation is demonstrating of admittance, humbleness and having a heart of true forgiveness and reunion.

Adding that in the Malaitan traditional context of reconciliation is a moment the soul of the man feels the true liberty and joy from deep within the heart.

He said as theme for the reconciliation says “Transforming and developing Buma community into a changing society”.

Thus, Fini said the theme consists of many ideas that came about the wish of the people of Buma.

“Reconciliation is something we find in ourselves, search our own minds, showing passion and respect to one another.

“Reconciliation is merging broken links, bridging the isolation, patching torn relationship, healing the broken hearts, curing the wounds and allowing our hearts and minds to alike,” he said.

Fini said with this reconciliation it’s very important as stated by the theme to transform the Buma Community.

“That means if before you isolated you from the rest of the community, it’s time to change to become part of people and develop the community of Buma,” he said.

Fini appealed to the people of Buma not to take the reconciliation ceremony as just a mere event, but value the trueness of reconciliation.