Tender contracts in Choiseul blasted as bias

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By Mike Puia

AWARDING of tender contracts in Choiseul Province has again come under the spotlight.

A source within the Choiseul provincial government confirmed the province’s tender contracts awarding system has been corrupted.

This is a response to claim by the Provincial Capacity Development Advisor and Provincial Secretary, Korolyn Zutu and Jeffery Pakipota, that awarding of contracts in the province is a collective decision that is guided by strict criteria.

The source confirmed claims of bias awarding of contract in the Province is true and the practice has been going on for years.

He described Pakipota’s respond as “political excuse”.

“I witness this practice. It happens. Contractors who have connection to those in the Technical Committee or the Tender Board are ones given contracts,” the source said.

He called on the provincial government to conduct an inquiry into this practice.

“There is corruption in the system. It has been politicised by the government,” the source said.

He revealed there are contractors that were awarded contracts when they are owned by one individual.

He said it is now up to the government to put the system in order by scrutinising the tender awarding system.