First UN peace programme created inclusive dialogue

UN Resident Coordinator, Ms Osnat Lubrani speaking at the UN Peace project’s launching occasion.
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UN Resident Coordinator, Ms Osnat Lubrani speaking at the UN Peace project’s launching occasion.

ACCORDING to UN Resident Coordinator, Ms Osnat Lubrani, Solomon Islands’ first peace building support programme stood out particularly due to the commitment exercised by the government and external partners who worked together to tackle root causes and seek their solutions.

She expressed this at UN’s brief launch of the second peace programme called the “Joint Programme Initiative: Consolidating Peace, Stability and Social Cohesion in Solomon Islands Post RAMSI 2018” at the Heritage Park Hotel on Wednesday.

Ms Lubrani took the opportunity to acknowledge UNDP and UN Women for implementing the initiative and extended her gratitude to other UN agencies.

Reflecting back on the first UN peace building initiative, she described the success as exciting and emphasised that this brought about a platform for meaningful dialogue.

In addition, Lubrani explained that the first project served not only as a gateway for dialogue to unfold in valuable places but it accommodated dialogue that was inclusive of the development of Solomon Islands, involving women groups, youth representatives, religious leader, chiefs, government officials, MPs, academia and the civil society.

She added that United Nations also supported important policy progresses that accentuated on the participation of women in decision making.

“We also facilitated support for the government and others to look further into the recommendations of the truth and reconciliation commission,” said Lubrani.

She further stated that the addressing issues relating to the initiative will be tough and will require a strong commitment.

“Moving all the issues together at the same time will take a lot of commitment especially in this election year. It’s not going to be easy but then nothing is easy in the work that we do.”

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