Temotu Honiara residents commemorate 41st Second Appointed Day


Residents of Temotu Province in Honiara gathered in numbers at the Multipurpose Hall recreational area yesterday to mark the 41st Second Appointed Day.

This annual event, observed every 8th of June, commemorates the establishment of the Temotu Provincial Assembly, which was signed and declared on June 8, 1983.

The day kicked off with a vibrant morning float parade from Kokonat café to the Multi-purpose Hall, setting a festive tone for the celebrations. Honorable Member of Parliament, Steven Kumi, delivered a stirring speech, reflecting on the contributions of past leaders to the development of Temotu. Cultural dances from various groups added color and energy to the proceedings, serving as the highlight of the day.

This year’s Second Appointed Day celebration was themed “UMI Together for Better Change,” emphasizing the importance of unity and collaboration in driving progress.

Kumi emphasized the significance of acknowledging past sacrifices while planning for the future, highlighting the resilience and determination of Temotuans throughout history.

Kumi reassured the people of Temotu that positive steps have been taken towards development, with close cooperation between national parliament members, provincial assembly members, and grassroots leaders.

“We are embarking to confront our development aspirations inclusively as a team of Temotu leaders,” he said.

He expressed commitment with all Temotu leaders working together as a team to the province’s development aspirations comes to reality.

The 41st Second Appointed Day celebration in Temotu Province was a testament to the unity and resilience of its residents.

As they honored their past and looked towards the future, the message of collaboration and progress rang clear. With leaders at all levels working together, Temotu is poised for continued growth and prosperity in the years to come.

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