Teacher arrested for alleged sexual offence


POLICE Commissioner Mathew Varley has condemned the actions of a school teacher in Sikaiana for allegedly sexually assaulting a female student at a school there.

Mr Varley said a teacher involving in such offending is an abuse of power and breach of trust.

He made the comment following recent arrests made on Sikaiana Island last week after the patrol boat was dispatched there with police officers following reports from senior members of the Sikaiana community.

He said that two men were arrested in relation to alleged sexual assaults on two young girls at Sikaiana Island and are remanded in custody.

The two men were charged in relation to two separate incidents of rape which allegedly occurred at Sikaiana earlier this month.

“We received the report from a senior member of the Sikaiana community on Monday April 16 and we dispatch the Patrol boat in the afternoon of April 18 with the specialist team of Investigators, Sexual Assault unit our Intelligence officers and PRT for security,” Varley said.

“They went out to the Islands and conduct investigations for few days in which two suspects were arrested and also two victims were identified and cared for and were brought with the support to Honiara for medical check-ups the victims were subject to some serious threats and risks from the offenders.”

Varley also clarifies that police does not have any police post in Sikaiana, making reference to other remote parts of Solomon Islands which do not have any police post.

“It’s a very difficult balance between the resources that are available and something I will discuss with the Ministry. Currently we have number of other plans that the Ministry is working on as to where the Government will put a police post.

“Unfortunately Sikaiana at the moment is not one but that doesn’t mean will not be considered in the future,” Varley adds.

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