Police search for missing man continues


WHILE there has been a lot of criticism against police officers in relation to the search for the missing man, police say they will continue with their search operation.

Supervising Assistant Commissioner for National Capital Solomon Sisimia said police are still continuing with their search and starting yesterday police expert divers were out diving from Koa hill down to Mamana Wata.

He said police are conducting their search following information received from people and based on experience they have on searching for missing persons in the water.

Sisimia adds, they have established good communication with one of the family members of the missing person and are updating each other on what is going on and the progress so far.

“The search will continue today and if nothing discovered they will have other plans as to what they will do next,” Sisimia said.

Meanwhile Police Commissioner Mathew Varley said the RSIPF search operation began on Thursday last week (April 19).

He said the search includes members of the Police Maritime unit, Fire and Rescue and the Explosive Ordinance Department.

He said that police are not only searching the river but along the entire coast line and the river mouth and they have been intensively searching since the incident occurred.

“We also have our Fire and Rescue services involve because they have specialised equipment for fast water rescue and that equipment is not only for person found in the river also for precaution and safety for our own officers as well so if an officer fall in the river or need rescue we have to have a security proportion as well,” Varley said.

Responding to questions on whether police is using drones, he said the RSIPF doesn’t have drones and are not necessarily convinced in this environment because the water is running so fast.

However if they have information of any sightings they have the opportunity to dispatch a helicopter through their emergency response arrangements.

“We have other resources that can be used,” Varley said.

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