Takwa clinic low on drugs

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TAKWA Clinic in North Malaita is reportedly low on drugs.

Patients say this has been experienced since late last year.

There is growing concern among surrounding communities, who complain that the only three drugs available in the clinic are paracetamol, septrin and amoxicillin.

They say most times, patients with malaria are sent home without treatment; or are sent home with the above mentioned tablets.

Authorities have only offered advice for people to take extra precaution while they work on a solution.

The situation is a grave concern to the people of Lau/Mbaelelea constituency, and are calling for support and an end to this.

Supervising Director of Nursing for Kilu’ufi Hospital, Mr Richard Maegerea when queried over the matter said the responsible authority for drug distribution is Malu’u clinic.

He adds there are drugs available for clinics around Malaita which include Takwa clinic.

Meagerea said, “Malu’u is the main storage of drugs for clinic in north Malaita, and anything to do about medicine distribution when shortage they are the responsible authority.

“Each clinic around Malaita province have its main health centre to feed clinics with drugs, and Kilu’ufi’s role is to ensure drugs are submitted in time to main health clinics.”

Island Sun could not reach Malu’u clinic for comments since the centre is without a landline telephone.

Takwa clinic is the only centre providing health service to Lau/Mbaelelea constituency as the Kwailabesi clinic has been closed.

Any serious case will reach Takwa first before referring to Malu’u or Kilu’ufi hospital.