SIEC was never involved in Provincial Government legislation


THE Solomon Islands Electoral Commission was never involved in consultations by the Bills and Legislation Committee (BLC).

According to the report on the Provincial Government (Amendment) Bill 2017 (now an Act), the Committee invited officials of the SIEC to explain reasons for tragic lapse in administration as considered in the legislation.

“However the Committee was deceived into waiting three hours.

“No one turned up and so it was not possible to ascertain the reasons of the situation,” the report stated.

It further added that the Committee was extremely disappointed with the SIEC in this matter and the manner in which its invitation was treated with contempt.

It then called upon the Minister of Home Affairs and the Minister of Public Service to immediately look into this matter and seek remedial action on the SIEC.

“Although official of the SIEC promised to make a late written submission, this too was never received by the Committee.

“The Electoral Commission must take this matter seriously.” The report stated.

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