Taiwan weather bureau looks at expanding Tec programme in Solomon Islands


A research team from Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau under the Tsunami, Earthquake and Cyclone Early Warning system (TEC) program is looking at expanding their network to other provinces in the future.

Mr Yu-Ting Kuo, a postdoctoral fellow from the Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sincia in Taiwan revealed this to the paper over the weekend.

He said that for now they are only carrying out research and data collection in Western province but plan to work in other provinces in the future.

“Only based in Western province for now, but in the future we will try to expand the network. There are still several TEC projects that will cover Solomon Islands,” he said.

Moreover, Mr Kuo said that it was back in September 2009 when they came over to the country to begin work in the province.

In addition, he explained that they chose Western province as the location of study because they wanted to know more about subductions leading to earthquakes and tsunamis given that in 2007, an earthquake of 8.1 magnitude had occurred in the province and created a large tsunami.

Furthermore, Mr Kuo mentioned that they are working with the Ministry of Mines and Energy thus, have donated some equipment and also share all the data collected with them.

The Central Weather Bureau of Taiwan is also working closely with the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology (MECDM) not only in installing GPS but in weather forecasting as well.

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