2 new additional GPS in Western province


Specialist from Taiwan installed the two new GPS with locals from the western province

SPECIALISTS from the Central Weather Bureau in Taiwan have installed two new additional Global position systems (GPS) to its 10 sites built in the Western province last week.

The team consists of three professionals who went to the province last week, and successfully installed the instruments in the Kolombagara and New Georgia islands.

The newly installed systems will read geo-movements and interpret earthquake signals.

The installation include; GPS data, GPS antenna, box and a receiver inside to continue receiving the GPS signal; they are donated by the Taiwanese government.

Since the projected was established in 2009, after the 2007 tsunami and earthquake in the Western province, Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau have installed 12 GPS Global – which cost around SBD$1M.

They have come to the Solomon Islands twice a year for more than ten times, following up on the project purposely to collect data back to Taiwan for analysis, evaluation and recommendations.

A Postdoctoral Fellow from Taiwan Academia Sinica Institute of Earth Science, Mr Yu-Ting Kuo explained they are interested in the Western province because the region has the potential of having large earthquakes.

Based on this, Kuo said they also do modeling which inspires them with a need to prepare more sites.

“Vella La Vella, Rendova and New Georgia almost on the Pacific plate. But only the Simbo and Lale, the movement is to the Pacific plate, because Simbo is on the Australian plate so that’s very strange and very interesting.

“In 2007, an earthquake occurred near Rendova and created a bigger tsunami in Simbo, Lale and so this area is what we call a seismogenic charger for 2007 and 2008.

“So based on this one, we just think about this area still has a large earthquake occurred potential.”

Jason Chin-Shang Ka said it’s been a good experience working in Solomon Islands especially in the Western province, as from their cooporation and teamwork the project continues to roll there.

Jason said during their project they have done positive research on the project and expect to know more about Solomon Islands.

Meanwhile, the specialist in the county last week comprises of Postdoctoral Fellow from Taiwan Academia Sinica Institute of Earth Science, Mr Yu-Ting Kuo, Associate Professor of Seismology, National Central University Mr Hao Kuo-Chen and Mr Jason Chin-Shang Ka.

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