Suspects who breached quarantine protocols identified

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SUSPECTS who had breached quarantine procedures have been identified and their names forwarded to responsible authorities to deal with.

The breach of quarantine procedures happened when Camp management teams discovered forbidden items such as cigarettes and betel nuts packed and concealed in cream buns, bread, chips and cup-noodle packages at one of the Institutional Quarantine Facility (IQF).

These items were supplied by families and relatives of quarantine occupants.

This was confirmed by Attorney General John Muria Junior.

Muria Jnr said, “There are fines and penalties attached to breaches of quarantine procedures and we have identified those who are in breach and those who facilitate the breaches and their names have been forwarded to the relevant authorities to be followed up.

“to make it clear bringing of food and any item into quarantine stations is a privilege which was afforded by quarantine station occupants and it is expected for people to respect the privileges given.

“However, because of the recent breach of quarantine procedures the government has now agreed to withdraw privileges given to quarantine station occupants.

“As of the day the breach was found, no food and items from outside is allowed to go into the quarantine facilities.

“There is a total stop on that.

“Yet, government see because of our festivity on New year and Christmas season families are allowed to bring in special gifts like Christmas cake.

“After this festivity season there will be no food and items be allowed to go in until the decision is reviewed. We will communicate to the public of any update on this matter.”

Jonathan Taufiariki, deputy director National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) said some these measures have been put in place hence camp management and government are urging families and relatives of quarantine occupants to support those who will be coming to serve their quarantine period.