Suspect escapes to the Shortlands

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A man wanted for questioning over a death in Gizo early this week has reportedly escaped to his home in the Shortland islands, Western province.

Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau said yesterday police in Gizo are investigating the death of a 40-year-old man in Gizo on the afternoon of May 10, 2021.

Mangau said the man was alleged to have been assaulted by a man from Shortland Island on May 8 in Gizo around 3pm to 4pm, in which he sustained injury to his mouth as a result of that assault.

At that time the deceased was also drunk and did not report the assault incident to the police or even went to the clinic for medical check-up.

On the next day he started to experience dizziness but still did not bother to visit the clinic, Mangau said.  

However, later on May 11 he collapsed at his home and was rushed to the hospital by some people, unfortunately pronounced dead by the doctor at Gizo hospital, Mangau said.

Mangau said police then were alerted about the incident and an investigation was carried out, however police were informed that the suspect had already escaped to the Shortland Islands after the assault incident.

Mangau also confirmed that the deceased’s body has been sent back to Isabel, and police Forensic in Honiara with a Pathologist are in Buala this week conducting post-mortem on the deceased.

The post-mortem was conducted as part of the police investigation.

He also called on the communities in Shortland to support police in their investigation to locate the suspect on the case.