EDITORIAL-What is the Minister of Home Affairs waiting for?

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WHY are we still talking about the current Honiara City Council (HCC) executive?

By now, we should be discussing a competent authority appointed to run the affairs of the council.

We should be talking about how that authority should prepare Honiara for the Pacific Games in 2023.

And we should be talking about making Honiara a beautiful and livable city.

Instead, we’ve wasted so much of our precious time talking about a hopeless bunch of councilors who went in there and treated the council as their private business.

They offered themselves contracts, awarded internal vehicle tenders to themselves, sold market lock-up shops for exorbitant amounts and simply mismanaged the council.

These councilliors should have been kicked out immediately after the special audit report into the affairs of the council came out last year.

But the Government, for whatever reason, simply failed to act.

This lack of action allowed this bunch to remain in power and ended up selling a piece of council land that was currently used by the Biosecurity Unit to an Asian logger.

The Commissioner of Lands has to be forced to resume the land – but of course at tax payers’ cost.

In a attempt to improve their standing and regain public confidence, the councilors kicked out city clerk Rence Sore and mayor Wilson Mamae.

They voted in a new mayor and a new executive was appointed.

But they were the same old bunch from the same old executive.

There’s no hope they’ll bring any positive and meaningful changes to the HCC and the people.

Question now is why does it take the Minister of Home Affairs too long to dissolve the council?

The evidences are all out there. You don’t have to go looking for it.

Take action now minister and dissolve the council.

The people of Honiara have had enough of this stupidity.