Keni defends Win Win

Turarana river, where the WinWin mining company is operating.
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GOLD Dealer Licence holder, Primo Keni has clarified that different agents have been involved in buying the 78.47 kg of alluvial gold from community on Mamasa and Turarana in Central Guadalcanal.

This came after a landowner, Joel Jackson claimed Win Win bought gold from gold-panners in the community and exported them overseas.

Kenny said he bought 20.1 kg of alluvial gold, while the rest are from other agents in Honiara.

“I buy $240 per gramme for one gold from people in Honiara and $200-210 from panners in the village.”

Under section 54 of Mines and Mineral Act 1990, only a Gold dealer can export alluvial gold, not the alluvial miner.

Win Win Managing Director, Dan Shi said the Director of Mines, Nicholas Biliki verbally granted them to buy gold from landowners after he mentioned the economic hardship facing the people.

Shi said the company appointed an agent who signed an agreement with Kenny to buy gold from the people.

Furthermore, Kenny said all the details of the alluvial gold are available with Director of Mines because inspection and weighing were done at the Mines Division before sending to Customs for processing and then exporting to Hong Kong.

He said the value of the export is determined by the refinery on analysis and Assay report is sent back to Customs in Honiara to determine the value and calculate the 5 percent tax.

Under Mines and Minerals and Minerals (Amendment) Act 2014, all credits of the minerals other than gold, silver, copper, nickel, bauxite and iron ore are credited to the Mining Royalty Special Fund, which the Minister of Mines would authorise to landowners.

The credits of gold, silver, copper, nickel, bauxite and iron ore shall be included in the consolidate revenue of the Government.

The trustees and the government would get their shares from the consolidated revenue.