Survey: China remote controlling DCGA

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MOST believe that China is remotely controlling the DCGA Executive Government since the switch.

This is one of the hidden agendas Transparency Solomon Islands got from its survey in public and in street discussion.

TSI said of the 1,248 respondents, 41 percent strongly agreed that the extension for a year longer is to allow China to cement its relationship with the DCGA government.

“It is allegedly to give time to DCGA government to effect policies and legislative reforms demanded by Chinese Communist Party for the funding of the Pacific Games 2023 and other development projects.

“The current happenings with the secretive importation of replica guns, the arming of Chinese officials of the Embassy, the police training on crowd control by Chinese police officers, the secretive China Security MOU is but just a tip of the iceberg of what DCGA government has promised China or China demanded of the DCGA government,” TSI said.

“It needed the extra year in power to affect all of its new diplomatic friend’s demand,” TSI said.

Furthermore, TSI said the 27 percent strongly disagree with this as a good enough reason for the proposed extension argued that Solomon Islands is a democratic country and should not be sold to China.

Both strongly agree (41 percent) and the strongly disagree (27 percent) are of the opinions that DCGA/China diplomatic relation continues to be the most divisive of all the diplomatic foreign relations in the country and in the region.

“It has pitched the national government against the provincial governments, resulting in the downfall of premiers who do not work with it or dance to its tune.

“It portrays Solomon Islands and the people of Solomon Islands as manipulative, scheming, and not trustworthy,” TSI said.

TSI said this is the image and reputation that DCGA Executive Government has painted of the country, and people is not welcomed.

“China, since the switch, is remote controlling the DCGA government for its own world and regional agenda.

“It is time for a new government and new leadership to step in and ensure that the Solomon Islands government and people decide what China could and could not do in Solomon Islands as Solomon Islands new diplomatic friend,” TSI said.

Solomon Islands switched to China in 20 September 2019, ending 36 years of diplomatic relationship with Republic of China (ROC) Taiwan.