Suidani’s lawyer to make application to recuse presiding judge


Former Malaita premier Daniel Suidani’s legal team is turning its eyes on the presiding judge on their case against the Solomon Star and veteran journalist Alfred Sasako.

Suidani’s lawyer, Ms Lily Ramo, is intending to make an application to recuse the current presiding judge on the Suidani v Sasako lawsuit.

Daniel Suidani sued Solomon Star and Alfred Sasako for publications that served as evidence of false, malicious, and defamatory publications against Suidani.

The case was mentioned in court and was adjourned to June 27 2023 for the hearing of the application.

According to Mr. Suidani, the numerous reports he saw in the Solomon Star’s publication weren’t due to errors or oversights on the part of the newspaper’s staff or veteran reporter Mr. Sasako; rather, they were an example of the newspaper’s and Mr. Sasako’s reckless behavior over a period of months in an effort to damage Mr. Suidani’s good name among his supporters in Malaita and the Solomon Islands as well the world.

Mr. Suidani says that Solomon Star and Mr. Sasako will be forced to produce evidence of the truth of what they reported in several print newspaper publications and on Solomon Star’s online website to the Court and for the public to see.

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