Suidani withdraws candidacy for Malaita premier post


Daniel Suidani has announced his withdrawal from the contest for the premier post of Malaita province.

Mr Suidani, MPA for west Fataleka ward 5 said his withdrawal is based on principles of genuine leadership for Malaita.

His withdrawal is his response to wide speculations that he would pose hinderance to proposed development projects for Malaita, such as the planned tar-seal road project for Auki.

Suidani said he does not have any notion of blocking any development plans for Malaita, and to prove this, he is stepping down from the premiership race.

The announcement was made in a video clip published by Malaita Issues on Tuesday this week as he publicly declared his withdrawal due to issues targeted at him.

He said since lobbying began there have been speculations going round that he would pose a stumbling block to proposed development for Malaita, such as the Auki tar-seal road project.

Suidani said the claim was false and he has nothing as as such in mind toward any development for Malaita.

He said if the development was agreed to by the past government and is good for Malaita province, he has nothing against it or would hinder its implementation.

Suidani said the claim has become an issue in Auki and amongst them elected MPAs and he wants to remind the public of Malaita that what was leveled against him is not true.

He explained that his stance during the MARA-government was on issues that were not clear and as a government they must question issues of the interest of the province.

He expressed his worry on how MPAs took the issue against him, which was only fabricated and even seen as personal hatred on him.

He said to prove his good intentions for Malaita, he has decided to withdraw his candidacy to represent the camp he once led for the premier’s post in the election next week.

Suidani added that his decision to withdraw also was to show that he does not to be seen as an obstacle to development in Malaita.

He said he will support any government that leads the province and also assured his support for the Auki road tar-seal and other projects for Malaita province.

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