Suidani: vaccination is personal choice

Malaita Premier, Daniel Suidani
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PREMIER of Malaita province Daniel Suidani says any decision on whether or not to get the covid-19 vaccine is a personal choice, however corona virus is real.

He made the statement during a recent awareness program at Malu’u when asked on his government’s position on the covid-19 vaccine.

“I won’t tell or force anyone whether to get vaccinated or not. Because I respect individual rights and believes on the vaccination.

“Also, I’m certain that if I advise or do not advice people on the vaccine and anything happens to them, I fear I will take any blame,” Suidani said.

He said the choice is upon each and everyone and whatever their choice is what they have decided to do.

“What I would say is, if you have problem with your truck, you won’t go to a carpenter to fix it. The right person is a mechanic who can fix it or you can listen to his/her advices.

“The same applies to the vaccine, this is a health issue and the only people we should listen to for advices are health practitioners, experts from the provincial health or the Ministry of Health (MHMS),” Suidani said.

He said he took his jabs in Australia which is something personal to him and made upon his personal conviction.

Suidani said the pandemic is real and people have died and continue to die across the globe as recorded.

He said the no jab no job is a mandatory policy by the national government for all working-class people, both public and private sector to get their jabs.

“Work-people or employees from both sectors in the country have been affected on the policy and we don’t know what is next on the policy.

“As I have said, decision whether to get or not to get the vaccine is a personal choice and I respect everyone’s choice, for I also respect their rights and believes on the vaccine,” Suidani said.