Auki public complain on bus & taxi fare hike

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Auki public are raising concern over the hike in prices in public transport.

Earlier this week, bus and taxi fares were increased. The main reason given was the hike in fuel prices.

But, public say it does not make sense when prices for long distance transports remain the same, while the short route transports have hiked theirs.

One man said a truck fare from Auki to West Are Are with a distance of more than 80km costs around $50 and a taxi fare from Auki to Kilu’ufi with a distance of about 4km cost $70.  

The man said for buses, even from Auki town to your residence which 100-200m in distance, is at $4 bus fare for adult and $3 for children.

He said the fare charges didn’t reflect the notion that hikes in fuel and spare parts prices is the reason, thus its profit gain.

On that note, the man called on Malaita provincial government or any responsible authorities in Auki to deal with the matter to make it fair to both people and public transport owners in Auki.

He also thanked bus and taxi owners for providing the service in Auki and called on them to be fair in the service for equal benefit.