THOUSANDS of Malaitans succeeded in blocking a no-confidence vote against their premier in a dramatic show of “people power” never seen in the country’s history.

In a public show of unity and solidarity, they sieged the building housing the Malaita Provincial Assembly and forced the mover, Elijah Asilaua, to withdraw the motion just hours before it was scheduled to be moved.

The access road leading to the provincial chamber was condoned off, women staged a sit-in protest in front of the entrance to the chamber, while a huge crowd marched along the streets and later to Hotel Malaita, where Asilaua and other non-executive MPs stayed.

Under pressure, Asilau announced his withdrawal of the motion at around 10am, later signing off papers to formalize his decision, witnessed by Premier Suidani and acting Malaita Provincial Police Commander Charles Koto.

A MARA government supporter is presenting a shell money gift to Premier Daniel Suidani for defeating the motion yesterday.

The withdrawal means no no-confidence motion is to be brought against Suidani until after a year.

The notice of withdrawal reads:

“On 18th October 2021, I Elijah Asilaua MPA Ward 11 filed a Motion of No Confidence against Premier Daniel Suidani MPA Ward 5.

“And notice was issued for the Motion to be heard on 27 October 2021.

“Upon consideration of the grounds submitted for the Motion, and further consultation with the other MPAs and in consideration of the best interest of the Malaita province, I the mover of the motion now files this notice in according to the Standing Order 139 and other Standing Orders as may be relevant to this notice, to inform the clerk of the Malaita Assembly that I now withdraw the Motion of No Confidence, which was supposed to be debated today 27 October 2021.”

Speaking yesterday, Asilaua said his team greatly valued the call of the people and considering the situation faced, they decided to withdraw the motion.

Elijah Asilaua (right) hand shakes with Premier Daniel Suidani (left) after formally signing the notice to withdraw the motion yesterday.

“We on the non-executive side tried our best to dialogue yesterday (Tuesday) on what we had witnessed today.

“It’s not only me so I have to take back the issue to my colleagues to discuss the matter and make sure processes must be met.

“And today we managed to come up with the decision to withdraw the motion.”

Asilaua said what was witnessed in Auki was beyond their control.

Premier Suidani acknowledge the decision, saying the withdrawal of the motion comes from the heart of his colleague MPAs for the good of the people of Malaita.

Premier Daniel Suidani is addressing the public of Auki at Auki Primary School sports-field yesterday.

He said nothing is wrong or illegal about this Motion of No Confidence, because it’s a normal thing in any democratic government.

Suidani said the way things turned out has resulted in the situation witnessed and the MARA government on behalf of the people of Malaita province thanked the non-executive group for the heart they have for the people.

He also apologized to his non-executive colleagues for any abuse comments they may have received from the people.

Suidani appeals to Asilaua and his colleagues to join MARA and work together for the good of the province.

He called on Asilaua and team to work together with MARA government for the good of the people and province Malaita.

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