Suidani queries presence of foreign military vessel

Australian Patrol boat outside Auki this week. PHOTO: Celsus Irokwato Talifilu
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MALAITA Premier Daniel Suidani says his province have no need of any foreign forces.

He highlighted this yesterday after observing foreign military style vessel appearing at least three times within waters off the Auki Harbor.

“On three occasions the public of Auki and the surrounding communities of Malaita have been observing and wondering what the foreign military vessel have been doing in the waters off Auki,” Suidani said in a statement.

“Whoever is behind these rather threatening appearances should at least informed the people and the government of Malaita what their intentions are,” he added.

“This is because Malaita has always been peaceful and thus there is no need for any foreign military vessels to patrol our jurisdictional waters.

“If this is a case of power posturing then whoever is doing it is basically out of touch with the reality of Malaita province.”