Suidani: MARA gov’t will continue to rule



PREMIER Daniel Suidani says his MARA Government will continue to lead and serve the people of Malaita.

He made the assurance when addressing a huge crowd that turned up in Auki on Monday to welcome him home after his six months away overseas on medical grounds.

“My good executive, I know the situation faced is like when Moses went up to the mountain and people stay behind start to worship idols,” Suidani stated.

“But I trust Joshua, who had looked after the people,” he added.

“Though the situation is like that, Malaita people – MARA government will still continue to look after you.

“And I would like to thank the very powerful executive; those that still remain with the MARA government for the strength, power and concern you have for the people of Malaita.”

Suidani told members of his executive that if they don’t have hearts for Malaita, they would have already left the government, but thank God that they didn’t have the heart for money or any other special things.

And rather they have heart for the children of Malaita – the children of their children that is why they remain standing bold with MARA government even though a few of them had presented during his arrival.

“My good people of Malaita, we are now here and I believe that the boat only rocks when the captain is out. 

“And what I told my crews was to anchor the boat, don’t sail so that you won’t meet more bad weather. Steadfast and anchor the boat while the captain is away.

“Now the captain is aback, he will take the ship and continue to sail despite the bad weather because calm weather is near,” he said.

Suidani told his people that the day of unity is here, the day of good things is here and days to struggle as brothers and sisters are here.        

“I have a believe in me that if we continue with our stand we will reap good things,” he said.

On that note, Suidani said he’s aware of a looming motion of no confidence.

“I must make it clear here on the motion of no confidence against MARA government that, democratically the motion belongs to people.

“If you people are still with MARA government, then who does the motion belongs to them or in whose interest is the motion?” he said.

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