Suidani eyes premier seat


FORMER premier of Malaita province and leader of the MARA regime, Daniel Suidani is eyeing the premier post for the province.

Mr Suidani, who was denied by the Sogavare led DCGA government to complete his term as MPA in the outgoing Malaita provincial assembly, is back and ready to retain his political status.

In an interview yesterday, Suidani said he is ready and confident with the support from his colleague MPAs to form the next government of Malaita province.

“We began our journey during the MARA government to navigate Malaita province to where it should and achieve its development aspirations.

“We were then denied from the journey. Now, we are back and I want to assure that we will continue with the journey.

“We will continue to work together with people in the province, development partners and even look at establishing relationships with new partners.

“Also, we will be promoting the principles and values once promoted by MARA government. Principles and values that are for the good of Malaita.

“Now, the ball is in our court and we are committed to work together with all Malaitans to realize our common dreams for the province,” he said.

Suidani said during the recent joint elections, some MPAs they’d together under MARA government were unseated, while others returned their seats

He said since this week they camped at AM motel in Auki and secured a good number at the camp. Some of their MPAs are on their way to Auki and will be at the camp this weekend.

“By now, I am confident to say that we have more than 20 out of 33 MPAs under our camp. This consisted of both former and new MPAs.

“And toward this weekend, we will publish the names of MPAs under our AM camp,” Suidani said.

The other camp is expecting to form by Randol Sifoni and Elijah Asilaua, the two potential candidates for premiership from the outgoing Fini led government.

Some of their colleagues who have potential for the premiership post are Mr Martin Fini, Joe Hero’au who were unseated during the election.

Election for the provincial speaker and premier expect soon.

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