Suidani disappointed with dispute causing ablution block relocation.



Premier Daniel Suidani has expressed disappointment at a project for Auki wharf, which was forcefully relocated due to land dispute.

An ablution block was supposed to have been built at the Auki wharf under the CAUSE programme.

But, dispute between landowners of the Auki seafront led to its relocation to the Aligegeo sports ground.

Speaking during an awareness talk last week, he said Malaita provincial government is working to bring development to the province.

And, the ablution project was an example of the many projects Malaita’s development partners are willing to bring to Malaita.

In this case, it is the CAUSE programme, which the Malaita provincial engaged to implement the project.

He said over the past weeks they liaised with CAUSE on that particular project and unfortunately the project was halted due to land dispute.

“We didn’t feel happy about some of us who especially contributed to the dispute of this very important development for Auki wharf and Malaita province.

“If this project was not disputed, it would be a boost to other services that are currently provided in Auki town.

“MPG feels that when it is charging levy on the shipping services to the province, they through partners must help to improve services under the industry to people.

“When our people transiting through Auki wharf, they need a place to have their shower or use sanitation for their comfort.

“This is the reason for putting up the project so that people enjoy services provided at the wharf as well as a boost to shipping service to Auki,” he said.

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