Suidani clarifies what Auki Communique is


MALAITA Premier Daniel Suidani has clarified what he described as “mis-conceptions” towards the Auki Communique launched in 2019.

This was in response to claims the Communique aims to “stop development” on Malaita.

But speaking from Brisbane, Australia, to mark the province’s 38th Second Appointed Day on 15th August, Suidani said the thinking is not right.

He said the Communique is not to stop development but acts as a guide for the province.

“It is a principal statement that provides the guide to how we should develop Malaita and about things where we must not forget to avoid when development comes to us,” Suidani said in a recorded voice distributed to his people.

“The communique is very clear on why the province has not been developed. And it was because our leaders do not work together,” he added.

Suidani said often the leaders used the offices to take things not belong to them.

He said the communique spells out quite strongly that anyone coming to invest in Malaita must be a credible developer.

Suidani said investors must also respect the culture of the people, as well as work with them.

“This is what the communique is about.

“The MARA government will not make any amendments on the communique as requested by the national government recently,” he insisted.

At the same time, Suidani encourages Malaitans to stand for what is right and not follow the “sweetness” of money.

He said it is enough to run after the money and not after principles, good values and integrity.

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