Suggest for review on Tulaghi’s shoreline protection wall

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MAJORITY of suggestions on Ngella’s famous Forum (NGF) have suggested for a proper review for proposals on the landscaping of the seafront at Tulaghi. And, that is rather than only for protection but also for leisure and tourism.

Central Islands Province (CIP) Provincial Government has opened up discussions on NGF for the next stage plan over the land fill shoreline protection wall that will be from Tulaghi’s Market culvert (Eastern end) to the Rest House culvert (Western End) purposely to add valuable thoughts over its next stage.

“What should be on the 5 meter landfill going out seaward? Central Province Tender Board processes have been completed and a Contractor has been identified for the Project, your thoughts,” questioned CIP’s Provincial Government.

According to NGF members, the project cannot just fill the site.

“Fill up the area for both protection and leisure that attracts visitation and tourism pulling factors. If that site is properly protected and scaped, it will uplift the province in attracting new innovative ideas to our local people,” raised suggestions.

Another suggestion raised by one of the senior members of NGF being considered is to see some sections of the beach preserved and extended outwards.

“I am sure it can be protected by the seawall on both sides but canoe owners and children have been using the beach and there must be some access so instead of the seawall covering the whole length of the beach, some sections must be allowed to stay as it is and extended outwards by 5 metres as well.”

Within discussions, a point also raised on NGF is stating that what supposed to be filled in the shoreline should be recommended by any EIA report.

“Wonder if any EIA has been carried out? Looking at the structural design itself, impact on further erosion will occur on the eastern end towards the market area.”

In response, Central Islands Province (CIP) Provincial Government has thanked everyone raising their points and options explaining that it is the Ministry of Environment that is looking after the project.

“All EIA and added value options will be considered on the next stage, it will be a 3 phase project so your landscaping and artificial sand beaches will be considered for the next phases. Thank you very much for your contributions and ideas being well appreciated,” responded CIP’s Provincial Government.

NGF members on the other hand have appreciated and welcomed the provincial government’s response and openness in working together with locals.

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