Lau/Mbaelelea road construction progressing: Auga

MP for Lau Mbaelelea, Augustine Maue Auga
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MP for Lau Mbaelelea, Augustine Maue Auga

MINISTER for Agriculture and Livestock who is also MP for Lau Mbaelelea, Augustine Maue Auga, said road construction in the constituency is progressing.

In a recent interview he said currently the construction is on a 13.5km road inland to areas of Fadia, Masilana and Kobe’ai.

He said the first blade of the 13.5km road is now done as they are now graveling the road and is expected to be completed soon.

Auga said this is the beginning of the proposed road projects for the constituency as they expect more road creation to connect people everywhere in the constituency.

He said apart from their schedule sometimes upon people’s request they can help maintain deteriorated parts of the north road.

Auga said as Lau/Mbaelelea constituency mainly depends on road transport, the initiative is very important for the people.

He said the notion was that everywhere in the constituency to be connected by road so that people have equal access on transportation.

Auga also mentioned that the road construction was the first of other development plan his constituency office proposed for the Lau/Mbaelelea constituency.

He said they looked at working towards a growth centre in the constituency that will host areas like fishery, agriculture and others to engage people in economic activity.

Auga said Lau/Mbaelelea constituency office is optimistic about these development proposals and they asked everyone in the constituency to work together toward achieving them.

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