Suffering patiently

SINU’s student body reassures no planned protest over Gov’t fund delays


SOLOMON Islands National University Students Association (SINUSA) will not stage any protest despite government’s delay of allowances to SINU sponsored students.

SINUSA President Mr Reginald Ngati gave this reassurance in an interview with Island Sun on Monday, February 5.

Currently, SINU students under SIG scholarship are still waiting for their funds and allowances delayed since last semester 2017. This is frustrating for the students and is taking a toll on them.

On Monday, SINUSA met with the SINU SIG students, and Ngati encouraged them not to participate in any illegal activities.

Ngati said, “Despite students are experiencing these challenges there is no plan to pressure government in the form of protest, but they want to sort things the right way.

“We do not want students to pressurise government for payment this year.

“I do not want to lead students into an argument with the National Government or argue by way of protest.

“I want things to be sorted out well but if we keep frustrating them on such issues it will not work out well for them.”

Meanwhile, Ngati commends the SIDCC Government led by Prime Minister Rick Hounipwela saying its leadership quality is more ‘focusing and inclusive’.

“I think Mr Hounipwela government is one good government. I saw a report released about its priority areas for these remaining months outlining a general focus that will build the reputation of the government.

“As SINUSA president I am really happy because I see things mishandled last year now starting to be under control and I hope issues relating to scholarship will be ideally managed this year.”

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