Studies are more important than protesting

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STUDENTS are meant to concentrate in their studies and not to engage in external affairs affecting their institutions that may lead to distractions in their learning.

Student Association President Reginald Ngati promising not to engage students in staging protest against the government this year is one way forward. We do not condemn protesting outright, but we believe there are means to solve problems amicably.

By contrast, in neighbouring countries like Papua New Guinea, student protest may have led to some changes in their universities, but as always expected, sometimes it turns nasty which results in deaths and even closure of universities.

Definitely we don’t want classes at SINU to be disrupted or students to get aggressive and people get hurt.

We do not rule out the existence of problems that may hinder students from completing their studies at SINU. There are also financial difficulties that students’ face which needs the government to step in.

Call not to protest against the government maybe a good idea so that students concentrate on their studies.

We know for sure SINU is working hard to ensure it lives up to its university status, but students must not sit just back and watch if things are not up to standard.

Accepting failures and criticism is a healthy thing, but there are channels to follow in raising complaints. One such path is what SINUSA President Ngati wishes to follow and that is not to protest but engaging in peaceful dialogue and meetings.

We believe this is the way forward. Should there be disagreement and complaints by students, it should be forwarded to their student leaders to be discussed in a professional manner with all parties involved including the government and SINU administration and board.

After all students are in SINU to study and not to engage in politics and unnecessary protests. We believe there are proper avenues where students can raise their complaints and be dealt with accordingly.

Apart from students, SINU staff seeking better working conditions can also lead to protest and boycott. We don’t want such things to happen at our premier institutions.

So we call on the national government to support SINU to live up to its name and become an attractive and an excellent learning institution but not a place where students learn to become protesters and engage in harmful activities.

Settling their scholarship dues and allowances quickly will help students complete their studies on time and allow them to concentrate on their academic life rather than planning to execute protests which will only lead to more delays and disruptions.