‘The struggle is real but we only need to believe’


Joses Naumae in his new vehicle

“I believe this is an answer to my prayer. God knows my struggle and I believe it is his will for me to have this vehicle.”

These were the words uttered by Joses Naumai from Central Kwara’ae who is one of the beneficiaries from the RDPII Component 2 project under the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL).

Yesterday, Mr Naumai was one of the happy recipients to a three ton Isuzu vehicle that was granted to him through the RDP Agribusiness Partnership project.

After 30 years working for the government and the local owned telecommunication company, Naumae retired and went back home and started to look for ways in which he can also support his local community. He says how he got into the coconut industry was because coconut is a thriving product and a lucrative one. There is an abundance of coconuts in the rural areas and a crushing mill is well thought out to be the best business in this rural setting in which everyone can enjoy the benefits.

Over the years, Naumae says they have initiated a kindergarten where parents can pay in coconuts for their children to attend school. Thereon, they have sponsored a local in their community to get his qualifications as a teacher and is now looking after the school.

Naumai says they started off by buying coconuts from the local villagers in small amounts at first. But with the expansion of production and demand, there is need now for them to have a vehicle which will assist them greatly in going out to other communities in Malaita province to buy coconuts.

“When I first heard of the news that I am a beneficiary I feel so excited. There is so much that I want to do for our people and this is an answer to my prayers.”

By doing the business of ‘buy and sell’, he says this will help the local economy to flourish which will in turn help the rural economy to raise its standard.

“Money will be in circulation, people will be able to buy for goods and services generally boosting the local economy,” Naumai says.

On the issue of roads, Naumai says this is one area that needs a lot of improvement.

“The roads are so bad but with the right attitude and mindset, the vehicle should be able to last,” he said.

A beaming Naumae told Island Sun that his vehicle will be shipped over to Auki via MV Gulatatae tomorrow.

He is one of the 11 beneficiaries to the Agribusiness Partnership of RDPII Component 2.

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