Strongim Binis continues to support private sectors


AUSTRALIAN funded Strongim Bisnis Programme continues to support private sectors with innovate projects to improve productivity and generate more profit.

This week Strongim Binis witnessed the launching of four projects in Western Province.

In her speech during the launching of the Pallet Plant at Kolombangara Forestry Plantation Limited (KFPL) Strongim Binis Business Advisor, Zefi Keritina said Strongim Bisnis is committed to supporting sustainable development and promoting economic growth in Solomon Islands.

“Our goal is to expand access to market for small-holders plantation timber, and we believe that establishing partnerships with key players in the industry is key to achieving the overall goals.

“That is why we are proud to have partnered with KFPL which is the leading plantation product market actor to support the market of smallholder logs,” she said.

Keritina said Strongim Bisnis is also thrilled to contribute towards the Out-grower schemes in an effort to improve the management of plantation trees.

She said the development of extension program tailored to specific needs of small-holder plantation timber suppliers.

Keritina said the partnership unable programs to train farmers on pruning, thinning and harvesting to ensure small-holder plantation timber is of the highest quality and is competitive in the international market.

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